MS68! Alaska Silver Die Trail, Tripple Creek / ICG R6 FINEST KNOWN!


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After working with ICG grading services we can now offer certified these rare privately minted handstruck silver, gold, and bi-metal pieces by Dick Hanscom of Fairbanks, Alaska. It is one of a handful of the first ever to be certified by any grading company. Certified by ICG as MS68! Only 20 were struck. The total population certified is 5. Rarity 6. Only two certified MS68 of the Tripple Creek specimens. Less than 6-8 pieces total of all varieties has been certified MS68. These were discovered in the back of our vault a few weeks ago. We most likely purchased them over 15-20 years ago from the Minter, Dick Hanscom, and had forgotten about them. Dick has confirmed that he will no longer be making available any silver die trial pieces. What we have, is most likely 99% of any available anywhere for sale. After they are gone, we will not be able to obtain any further.