We have been specializing in all types of fractional gold for over 45 years. We remain one of the largest sellers of fractional gold and tokens on eBay, the internet, and in the world. We can offer these rare and hard to find items by traveling extensively through the United States and Canada. One would have to attend several years of numismatic conventions and auctions across the US to compete with the amount of inventory and variety that we normally carry. Our prices are reasonable and sometimes near wholesale. Dealers worldwide contact us for both selling and buying when it comes to Territorial and fractional gold.  They realize we pay high and sell low due to specializing in this narrow field of numismatics.

Bottom line is that we have the inventory that most dealers do not when it comes to fractional gold. We do our best to make every transaction a positive one as we want your repeat business.

Questions? Please don’t be afraid to ask, as we enjoy sharing the knowledge that we have gained over the many decades. If we don’t know the answer, most likely nobody does when it comes to fractional gold.

Offers?  We are always open to fair offers on any of our items. Just email the item description to us at  sales@oldwestgold.com. We normally will respond within 24hrs.  You can always phone or text(best way) to 916-936-0800 for a quicker response.

We are 45+ year life members of the ANA and MSNS. We also are a proud member of the eBay Numismatic Seller Registration Board and an eBay Power Seller.